Learn the skills taught to ambassadors, dignitaries, and high value assets around the world

In the diplomatic security world the people you are protecting are called principals or assets. Depending on the assets’ position, or job, some are considered “High Value Assets”.  

This course was birthed when I reconnected with a Marine I served with. After we served together he transitioned to Fleet Antiterrorism Security Team (FAST). FAST is part of the Marine Corps Security Force Regiment. A common task of the FAST Team Companies is the reinforcement of security at US Embassies around the world. They also provide training and advice to other security forces.
While we were talking about our experiences since we served together we decided to make a course and bring our skills to the civilian world.

Specific skills to improve your Personal Protection Skillset:

Effective Active Shooter response
How to conduct vehicle searches for your safety while traveling abroad
Situational awareness for more dynamic environments
More potent threat detection techniques 
Multiple practical applications of all techniques throughout the course

Specific shooting drills you will complete:

More robust holster drills
Combat reload drills
Employing your weapon more rapidly in more dynamic scenarios
Strong and weak side one hand shooting
Employment of weapons in a vehicle environment to include how to effectively hit targets while seated in vehicle, how to exit and maneuver around vehicle while putting shots on target effectively
Shoot/No Shoot scenarios

An example of one of the exercises pertaining to shooting in and around vehicles


One of the major components of this workshop is to train you to work under stress/duress. We will appropriately add stress throughout the course to build your effectiveness.

This course is conducted over 2 full days of training.


You must have completed Warrior Workshop Levels I & II


This training is conducted at a state of the art training facility in Immokalee, FL. You will stay over night in a town house Friday & Saturday night. Saturday night we enjoy a Warrior Team BBQ. 



Cost includes:

Cost includes breakfast lunch and dinner, lodging and training.


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