A one-day training for Entrepreneurs to build more aggressive initiative, capability, and become WARRIORS for greatness.

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for each member of your team to be more self-reliant and accountable?


to be a more effective sincere leader that evokes the best out of their people?

highly Motivated

to bolster and maturate team members and your entire organization ?

A great team / organization is composed of highly capable individuals focused on a singular goal. Create your team to operate like a highly capable elite fighting force

The Warrior Corporate Training experiences are very different from any other experience you’ve heard or done before. All of our experiences are led by United States Marine Corps Weapons & Tactics Instructor; Sgt. Alejandro Borgos, and his team of trainers. Alejandro has many years of training in multiple forms of martial arts, human development, and real-world combat. Most humans only truly LEARN through experience. Books, videos, professors are all theoretical until you put the ideas into practice. Alejandro Borgos has put theory to practice for many years and has created a system for you to benefit and not have to “figure it out”.

What if your team learned how to be more courageous and capable of handling everyday life scenarios- like Warriors, and without the stress.

We are all warriors at birth! NOW WHAT?

Train your team to become more capable and effective in all areas of their life. Once you are more capable and effective you become as calm in the struggle and conflict as you are on a private yacht in the middle of the ocean.

The samurai and Shaolin monks highest achievement was for the fight to BE the meditation. When you are in the same exalted state as the deepest meditation and the most furiously intense scenario as physical combat, then you have achieved a “Oneness”.  This is also the basis of Abraham Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. One of the foundational pillars of a human being’s emotional and psychological health is SECURITY…. Of body, personal space, family, property, health, resources, employment, etc. This pillar is necessary for all human beings.

The more masterful you are as a warrior the more confident and effective you become in all areas of your life. You must start with the individual to build a team. A team is only as good as the individuals that comprise it. The old saying is “There is no I in team.” That is true however there is an M&E.

The Warrior Corporate Training Experience will train your team in the major foundational practices used by the most elite fighting forces and warriors in the world.  

Whether your team hase experience with martial arts, firearms or you have never shot a weapon before, and avoid confrontation at any cost – this dynamic experience will establish your team to become Corporate Warriors. Everyone will develop the personal fortitude to handle life’s conflict and struggle with more mastery.

We can customize different experiences for your group depending on what mission you have for your members. Where does your business/team struggle? Are you even aware of any possible pitfalls? What is the next ambitious goal for your organization? What is your mission and how can we facilitate training to accomplish that mission?

What is the definition of a warrior?

Warrior: a person engaged in some struggle or conflict and uses his/her Will power to win.

LIFE is a struggle… Being human is a struggle and conflict… business is warfare… raising children… being married… mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters…familial relationships… We are in struggle and conflict constantly. We search for places and activities to “escape” conflict. Such as meditation, golf, tennis, vacations, fishing…etc.


How many times do you have a voice in your head that says to do something and 3 months later nothing gets done. Maybe a year later and still nothing happens. When confronted with this fact in the business world many people become extremely defensive.

What makes the American fighting forces more effective than many around the world?
One of the foundational principles that is instilled in all Marines is INITIATIVE. Take action.. We actually call it “work”

To say the least, Marines are also trained in Aggression.

Many people in the civilian world get “paralysis by analysis”  The classic fight, flight, or freeze response. The solution to this is AGGRESSIVE INITIATIVE! Aggression is the fuel that will get the body moving. Your limbs and muscles literally move by electrical signals from the brain. Aggression adds power to those signals and gets things done.  Imagine if your team was more aggressive about their goals…How much more power would your business have?



Content Bacon, E.O. Member

“ This experience was way more than just shooting guns. I leaned how to implement Aggressive Initiative into my team and as a result we have been kicking even more ass. This was an experience I’ll never forget with my team! I’ve been brining Aggressive Initiative into all our meetings now. “

More drive – More Get’er Done – More Results

We customize different experiences for your group depending on what mission you have for your members. It all starts with a Discovery Call to discuss your business and team goals for the event.

Our customized training/experiences will immediately translate into your business by developing what we call an AGGRESSIVE initiative.

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