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Throughout my life and travels, I became aware that we live in a fear-based world. Many of the problems facing us, individually and collectively, need solutions. Courage is not the solution to all problems, courage is the access to the solution. To have the ability to face life and stress head-on is what we call Capability. To be capable of living a long productive life. Without courage and spirit, the human psyche shuts down, makes others wrong, creates psychosis and paranoia. With a world of courageous warriors I am confident there is nothing we can’t accomplish.

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Warrior Training increases your Courage, Confidence, and Capability

We teach how to properly use the innate Fight or Flight stress response system. The fight or flight response system has been developed over thousands of years. When stress is present the flight or flight response system kicks into high gear. There are many physiological effects that take place to allow you to physically deal with the stress at hand, such as jump higher, run faster, faster reactions, etc. In our modern lifestyles, the flight or flight response system is activated entirely too much, in traffic, a bad boss, rude people, etc. The chemical processes that happen under stress are proven to cause ill health in modern day society. The fight or flight response system can be your best friend or your worst enemy. Without training, it is like a rabid undisciplined dog. WITH warrior training, you have the confidence to handle yourself in any situation. You learn to command and dictate YOUR deliberate response. With time and training your Fight or Flight response system matures and only activates when necessary, not at every little whim causing hysteria. Warrior training directly lessens the physiological effects of stress.

“You learn to respond to a challenge instead of shrinking and bracing for a catastrophe”

– Jordan Peterson

Courage is one of the Marine Corps fundamental character traits to be developed in all human beings. We all have many challenges on a daily basis. Courage is not necessarily easily accessible on a daily minute to minute basis. Courage can and should be developed. How does one begin developing courage? Train, Train, Train! Consistently training yourself for the most stressful environment you can imagine, “combat”, you will begin to quickly develop a powerful level of courage. By developing your courage, you are not only capable of realistic self-defense, you are also more capable of attacking all of life’s obstacles. Something as simple as having that conversation with a loved one you’ve been putting off, or discussing an important matter at work that needs addressed everyone is avoiding, or the courage to be completely vulnerable and tell someone how you really feel about them.

My mission, along with the mission of my trainers is to develop you into a more bold, confident, and capable person through transformational experiences.


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