A two day immersive experience. The Warrior Workshop Level II  will progress to an intense level of physical and mental exertion for all exercises to ensure you have the skills and confidence to defend you and your loved ones in any scenario.

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Be prepared for anything

  • Conquer your fears with a series of courage-building techniques and activities
  • Face your weaknesses and replace it with the LOVE for winning no matter the scenario
  • Overcome your doubt through experiential exercises designed to build strength of character

Build courage to face adversity and the Will to WIN


One full day of open handed combat skills. We start off slow, what we call meditation speed. You’ll practice precise practical movements.

We incrementally increase speed and intensity as you progress.



  • How to escape from front and rear chokes
  • Proper strikes and punches
  • Multiple elbow strikes
  • Kicks
  • Weapon disarm from an attacker
  • As Day 1 progresses we will increase the intensity and give you realistic attacks. You will build your precision and speed.


One full day of real world concealed carry techniques to employ your firearm effectively under real world conditions. All new skills are taught very precise and deliberately. 

We incrementally increase speed and intensity as you progress.



  • How to to draw and fire under pressure and in close quarters.
  • How to conceal your weapon
  • Concealment vs. Cover
  • Advanced firearms carry skills
  • Firing your weapon while moving
  • Shooting multiple targets

Throughout the workshop you will gain an advanced understanding of situational awareness, the progression of violence and the necessary will power and aggression needed to win when confronted with life or death scenarios.

Enhance your firearms skills, bold confidence, personal power, and self defense skills.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What time is the workshop?

The workshop is TWO days. We will meet at 9am and go until 5pm on day one. Day two Will begin at 9am and go until 4pm.

What is the address to the workshop?

Day one is held at a facility in West Palm Beach. Day two is held at a world class firearms training facility in Immokalee, Fl

Will we be reviewing the basic skills we learned in The Warrior Workshop?

Yes. Absolutely. The only requirement to come to the advanced is that you completed The Warrior Workshop Level I 

Do I need to bring anything?

Yes. Day two is at an outdoor range. Appropriate clothing, hat, shoes, sunscreen, etc. You will also need 200 rounds of ammunition. You can purchase ammunition at the range. We will guide you on what to purchase.

The  Warrior Workshop Level II firearms training will be hosted at a private outdoor range. We will train with mocked up “real life” drills.

There are no upcoming events at this time.


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