A One Day Workshop to Increase your capability to defend yourself and your loved ones, fulfill State of Florida educational requirements to obtain concealed weapon license, increase courage and feel more safe and confident in your everyday life

The Warrior Workshop is unlike any other self defense workshop out there. Not only will you learn how to properly carry a weapon and defend yourself, but you’ll also increase your ability to face many other challenges in your life by applying courage to any confrontational situation you are in.

Before the end of the day you will have established a foundation of empty handed Self Defense techniques, Firearms Training & A Warrior Resolve to WIN

Satisfy State of Florida Educational Requirements for your  Concealed Weapons License 
Increase your situational awareness – You win 100% of fights you are never in
Learn critically important open handed / hand to hand skills to be effective no matter your size, age, or gender
Learn proper grip and stance to effectively utilize  your weapon and get shots on target
Learn how to effectively employ your firearm to defend yourself when under stress and duress
Learn the most evolved shooting techniques to date
Learn the foundation of unconventional extreme close in fighting techniques

The Warrior Workshop is for you if…

  • You’ve ever said to yourself “if something happened to me I wouldn’t know what to do”
  • You are nervous with confrontation and aggression 
  • You want to be more effective and capable shooting a firearm, and want someone to train you properly
  • You want to obtain your Concealed Weapon License
  • You took a Concealed Carry workshop before but still don’t feel capable
  • You’re alone in your home often and want to learn proper measures of safety for you and your family
  • You own a firearm, but want training on proper use, and a Warrior spirit if ever faced with adversity
  • You are ambitiously striving for excellence in your training
  • You want to learn self defense skills that can be applied right away


The Warrior Workshop is unlike ANY other firearms trainings out there. Here’s how:

Our founder, Alejandro Borgos is a United States Marine Corps Weapons & Tactics instructor, NRA Certified instructor, and combat veteran. You will be learning from someone with REAL LIFE experience.

In other basic concealed license classes, they put the gun in your hand without teaching you mechanics, proper grip and stance, or build your confidence to carry. In The Warrior Workshop we address your fears and build a foundation of courage employing safety and proper technique FIRST.

Other workshops have large classrooms, The Warrior Workshop is only 8 people, and you will have a lot of one on one attention to correct any flaws you may have from the beginning. 

In other workshops you may leave still feeling nervous and not ready to carry a firearm yet. After The Warrior Workshop you will feel confident and capable to defend yourself. The Foundation of your warrior spirit and resolve to win will be set, and the training will enhance your confidence is all areas of life.

The Warrior Workshop is lead by Alejandro Borgos; United States Marine Corps Weapons & Tactics Instructor, NRA Certified instructor, and combat veteran.


Greg C.


“Life changing . Growing up in the country hunting and shooting guns I thought I was good. Living in a high rise now I thought I was safe . Through the warrior workshop I became aware these were both false beliefs. The workshop is just not about shooting. Not only have I gained skills and confidence in my shooting I also learned new levels of discipline, commanding and directing my attention that I have applied to other areas of my life .”


Will there be a female instructor in the room, too?

Yes, we keep classes sizes to a minimum and have numerous safety officers and instructors. Some of which are female. An interesting fact is a majority of our students are also female. 

What is included in the price?

Ammunition, firearms rental, range fees, targets, eye and ear protection, training and lunch are all included in your cost.

What time do we meet?

The workshop call time is 8 am. But don’t worry, this will not be like your normal 9-5er. This is a dynamic workshop!

Can I bring my own firearm if I own one?

Yes, please let an instructor know ahead of time.

Can I bring my family/son/daughter?

The Warrior Workshop is 18+. If you wish to bring a minor with you please submit request to [email protected] 


Our workshops are designed for you to build fortitude and capability under stress and duress.  There will be a variety of techniques and exercises we practice together to develop your capability and strength of character which are all necessary attributes of a warrior needed to win any battle.


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