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Maslow’s hierarchy of needs outlines the essential elements required for human growth and development. In order to reach our full potential and live fulfilling lives, we must attain each step in the hierarchy. Skipping a step in the process leads to an unbalanced foundation, and sabotages your progress.

At the base of Maslow’s hierarchy lies the need for security of body and personal space. By developing the ability to defend yourself, body, and personal space, you naturally become more confident and self-assured. The Warrior Workshop series recognizes the importance of this foundation and is designed to help you develop the hard skills and self confidence necessary to THRIVE in any situation. With a strong foundation, you are capable to build on that success and continue to grow and develop in all areas of your life!

Co Founder, Lead Instructor: Alejandro Borgos

Alejandro joined the United States Marine Corps at 17 yrs old directly out of high school. He enrolled as an aviation mechanic and was assigned to Helicopter Squadron – HMM-365. As a mechanic in a helicopter squadron, he was afforded the opportunity to become a Door Gunner. After effectively fulfilling his duties as a Door Gunner, he was selected to become an Aerial Weapons and Tactics Instructor. As an instructor at a young age he was responsible for teaching, training, and qualifying new and existing door gunners in the fleet. Upon his departure from the Marine Corps, Alejandro has mastered multiple disciplines of Martial Arts. For the past 15 years Alejandro has practiced techniques to manage & expand his consciousness. Mastering his own consciousness has allowed him the ability to lead you to more self responsibility and evolution.

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