The Warrior Workshop 2

Minimum Purchase:
1 unit
Maximum Purchase:
10 units

This specialized curriculum is designed to take your self-defense & hard skills to the next level, focusing on conquering fear, fostering unwavering courage, and honing the skills needed to win under stress and duress. In Level 2, we build you to be a HIGHLY capabile concealed carrier, and a confident human being. We focus on building emotional resiliance, hand to hand combat, and firearms training for a dynamic enviornment.

Everyone receives individualized attention and works one on one with our Instructors:

Our team of instructors are all United States Marines and have served, and are currently serving, in multiple capacities around the globe. We now have the ability and knowledge to train you in a way that only comes from wisdom and experience.

Day 1:

  • Building Emotional Resilience & The Sacred 7 Core Values
  • Scenario Based Training with practice weapons: Train in the ost common civilian scenarios (armed robbery at a gas station, bad guy trying to take your gun from you, etc)  Learn how to fight enough to get to your weapon, or create enough space to distance yourself from a threat.
  • Team Lunch at Headquarters prepared by our ranch's Privae Chef
  • Practical Application- increased intensity
  • Debrief with instructor

Day 2:

  • Focused Attention techniques, Situational Awareness Technique Review
  • Learn to Draw from Holster (most advanced and safest technique that applies for civilian life). We break this down so it's safe, and practical.
  • Team Lunch at our Headquarters prepared by our Ranch's Private Chef
  • Beginning steps train Extreme close quarters battle (CQB) techniques- shooting close distance
  • Shooting behind cover vs. concealment (multiple techniques)
  • Debrief with instructor
  • Ceremony of Completion

Requirements to register for Level 2:


Required Materials

200 – 300 rounds of ammunition

All trainings & workshops are hosted on our private 200 acre ranch, The Freedom Ranch.