The Warrior Workshop 3

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Expected release date is Jan 26th 2024

Join Marine Corps 1st Sergeant Scott Dieckhoff and combat Veteran Alejandro Borgos for an intensive two-day experience that will elevate your capabilities, sharpen your decision-making skills, and instill the confidence to lead yourself and your loved ones effectively.

The Warrior Workshop Level 3 is where you and your family will transform into High-Value Assets, equipped to navigate a variety of situations. The Warrior Workshop Level 3 stands apart from any other tactical training available, ensuring you are well-prepared for a range of threats, with your greatest asset being yourself.

During this course, we focus on enhancing your character through the principles of The Sacred 7 Core Values, although we intentionally withhold a full list of training topics to preserve the element of surprise—a crucial aspect of your learning experience. However, here's a glimpse of some practical skills you will acquire:

? Strong Hand/Weak Hand Shooting: Firearms skills with both hands to adapt to any situation. Learning to neutralize a threat while under stress & duress and still be combat effective. 

? Active Shooter Training: Learn essential tactics to respond effectively to active threats outside your home & in a dynamic enviornment.

? Vehicle Threat Assessment: Discover how to inspect your vehicle for potential vulnerabilities both overseas and in the US.

? High-Value Asset Travel: A variety of skills to adapt to your travel for yourself and your family.

? Shoot/No Shoot Scenarios: Improve your decision-making abilities in high-pressure situations.

? HUMINT Deescalation Techniques: Acquire valuable human intelligence skills to defuse conflicts both in the US and when traveling overseas with your family.

? Shooting Through Barriers: Learn to shoot through obstacles, including vehicle windshields and other mental barriers.

?‍♂️ Vehicle Bailout and Movement: Develop the ability to exit a vehicle swiftly and move strategically for cover and concealment, while maintaining strong communication to your loved ones in the car with you.

Prepare for a transformational experience where adaptability, situational awareness, and unwavering confidence become second nature. Join us at The Warrior Workshop Level 3 and become the High-Value Asset your family needs.




All trainings & workshops are hosted on our private 200 acre ranch, The Freedom Ranch.

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