Sovereign Lo Vis Kits

Sovereign Lo-Vis EDC System 

Discover a simpler way to prepare for life's unpredictable moments with the Sovereign Lo-Vis EDC System. Developed by a USMC weapons and tactics instructor and combat veteran, co-founder of Sovereign Self Defense, the Sovereign Lo-Vis EDC System has been extensively tested in the field with industry professionals.

This same equipment is currently being utilized at the highest levels of operations, including by federal law enforcement for undercover assignments and providing low-visibility security for government personnel and high-net-worth civilians. Drawing on this operational experience, this equipment has been repurposed, customized, and assembled to facilitate everyday carry for the everyday citizen.

Our Everyday Carry Kits for the Sovereign Lo-Vis EDC System take the guesswork out of self-reliance by providing fully loaded solutions, expertly tailored for Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced levels of skill and experience. Drawing on the experience and expertise of a veteran defender, each kit is designed to maximize effectiveness and readiness based on real-world scenarios.

As everyday risks evolve, we've done the work of selecting Gear for the Sovereign Lo-Vis EDC System, meticulously assembling Configurations, and rigorously testing Capabilities - so you can start carrying with confidence right out of the box.